5 reasons to why you should be conscious while choosing a rental apartment

October 24, 2017

Living away from home poses some serious challenges. Finding an appropriate rental apartment is one of them.

Rental apartments have become a full-blown business rather than a side activity that people used to do sustain themselves. While this is beneficial for you as a tenant, there are some downfalls as well.

It’s better to keep certain things in mind before moving into your new apartment. We have made a list of the top 5 reasons that should worry you for the better.

1. Rent Hikes

Many a landlord are in the habit of hiking the rent at regular intervals. They will give you a great amount to start with but would keep on increasing it for petty reasons and you’ll find yourself stuck at a place that’s slowly running out of your budget. So, make sure that you have an understanding of the rent structure before finalizing. If the landlord offers an additional service or a complimentary amenity to go with the hike, then there should not be a problem.

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2. Unsafe localities

One big mistake that most tenants do before moving is not verifying the safety standards of the localities. You might get a great apartment at the best price but if it makes unsure of getting on the street after 9, you may not want to live in such a place. There is a fine possibility of getting a cheap apartment due to this very reason.

3. Shared Accommodation

If you are looking for a shared accommodation, make sure what all amenities are available for individual use and what all would be shared. Many times, individuals are not comfortable with specific sharing of resources which should be clear with you before moving in.

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4. Reputation of the Landlord

A good way to predict your experience as a tenant is to gauge the reputation of your landlord beforehand. If they provide multiple accommodations, try and ask people who are already living in them. You can also inquire the same from the immediate neighbors or any of the property brokers in the locality. A good landlord is your ticket to comfortable living in the apartment for your intended period of stay.

5. Rent Statement Conditions

This is by far the most important thing to consider. Read the rent statement thoroughly and don’t believe the verbal conversation you had with the broker/landlord straightaway. It could land you in great trouble later if you don’t do so. Don’t hesitate to disagree to conditions you are not comfortable with and suggest things you’d like to have in proportion to the amount of rent you’d be paying.

Once through with these five things, you’d be able to live a healthy life out-of-home as well as enjoy it! Happy renting!

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