BKC: Your idea of a Perfect Commercial place

November 16, 2017

Until recently, the phrase, “Going Commercial? Go BKC!” found a new popularity due to a number of reasons. The Bandra Kurla Complex is once again rising to limelight due to the already existing commercial property in this place, but also the new projects that are being planned to boost the investment landscape of BKC. So, if you’re looking for property investment in Mumbai, and that too commercial, BKC may be the thing topping your charts. Here are a few reasons why!

1. Planned Projects

BKC is supposedly getting a new finance center. This has not been finalized as of yet but the Commerce Ministry has shown positive signs towards its development, which is a great news for investors looking to make a solid long-term investment in Mumbai.

This will be set up in the ‘G’ block which is slowly taking place. Any investment here is most probable to turn profitable as the land for construction starts to be bid on.

It is to be noted that about 6 lakh employees are already working in the BKC corporate sector and the area is sure to get more attention to increase this number.

2. Proximity to Major Institutions

BKC lies in close proximity to some of the most prestigious institutions in Mumbai such as Reliance Convention Centre and Bharat Diamond Bourse. This fact again works in the favor of someone who wants to set up an office in the most star-studded portion of Mumbai commercially.

That’s not all, BKC also leverages its connectivity links to the domestic and international airports. The Bandra and Kurla Railway stations also fall under this complex, allowing easy commute to other parts of the city without a worry.

3. Other Things of Note in the Area

So this was all about the commercial viability of BKC, now let’s talk about social highlights. BKC enjoys two major shopping destinations lying close to it; the Linking Road and the Hill Road. This is another good reason why MNCs would want to settle down in BKC. Not to shop for their supplies but due to the high value of the property.

BKC also harbors the BCCI Club and the MIG Club. Both these clubs run old in the history of Mumbai and have pristine significance when it comes to serving as value-added-locations of Mumbai.

Further, Mumbai’s novelty hospitality can also be found in BKC in the form of the Trident and the Grand Hyatt, making up as the prime destination for tending to foreign dignitaries and company guests. It must be noted that these hotels are often chosen as the spots for all kinds of international conferences and company meetings, by the big-pockets of Mumbai.


Keeping the above facts in mind, it can be said that a property buying decision made in BKC has great promises to offer if you are a long time player, due to its upcoming projects and flourishing commercial landscape.

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