How To Make Home Relocation Smooth And Stress-free

Dec 21 2018

Finding a new home, a new address and a new locality can be one of the high points in life. You get to experience a subtle newness and freshness in your lifestyle that stays for a long time.

But in order to make that happen, you first have to get there with all your belongings, carry bags and furniture. We’re talking about the not so fun part of the story – relocation.

For most people, relocation is one big hassle that disturbs their schedules, costs them a heavy buck and ends up in disgrace with random things sprawled everywhere.

To get rid of such worries and to make the process of relocations as stress-free as possible, we have a few actionable tips that you can take note of. After all, at Spacio most of our clients are home buyers, so we see monumental shifts every now and then.

Preparing for it

Relocations are bound to go awry if you haven’t prepared for them in advance and with adequate planning. So, the first thing is to figure out the how’s and the when’s.

Decide on a schedule for the relocation day and start your preparations at least two weeks prior. In most cases you will need a packing and moving company that will take care of all the stuff for you. If not, you have to make bookings for a carriage vehicle and estimate how many trips would be required to move everything to the new destination.

Find out which method is cheaper for you and act upon it. If you’re going in for a packer and mover, see what options do you have in the market and select the most reliable one. Unless, do it on your own.

Listing Down the Movables

No matter how lucrative it may seem, there’s no need of taking everything with you. There are certain things you can easily let go of and there are things you can make money from.

It’s time to sell out those old recliners, bed-side tables, potted plants etc that you consider are too old for the new home. Put an ad on the B2B marketplaces such as OLX and make some money to buffer relocation costs.

After you are done selecting the movables, list them down neatly in a notepad. This will checklist will be used twice, once at the time of loading from the old house and the other at the new house while unloading.

At this time, you can choose to move the valuable possessions such as expensive artifacts, electronic appliances and paintings etc on your own rather than entrusting them on someone else.

Backup and extra help

On the big day, it is okay to be a bit tensed and worked up but do it with backups. Just in case the movers backout on the given day, do you have someone else to call? What if that day has an important event coming up or a huge traffic jam is waiting for you?

Plan for these things one day before. You can also appoint one of your friends or relatives to be ready in case you need extra help. Make sure you have made copies of important documents and fragile items have been thickly bubble-wrapped.

You’re done, take a deep breath in and let everything out from the house!   


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