5 Tips for Success In Ready-to-be-sold house you are still occupying!

Dec 24 2018

Selling houses is a big task. It is easy to bring potential buyers to visit an empty house, but when you’re still living in the house, things can get a little awkward. This is why we decided to pen this article. Allow us to break down five tips that can help you sell your house while you’re still living in it.

Hire A Cleaning Service Provider

We who are accustomed to living in our homes, do not notice how dirty the vents in the house may be, or how our half-hearted dusting hasn’t been boding well for the house. However, when buyers step in, you never know what they may or may not notice in the house. It is advisable to keep the house clean. For thorough cleaning, you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service before you list your house for sale. You can subscribe to their weekly or biweekly services and they’ll make sure that your home space stays as clean as possible.

Routine Simplification

This sounds like quite some process, doesn’t it? But it’s not. Now that you’ve put your present house on sale, you ought to stay ready on-the-go for visits from your local realtor accompanied by potential buyers. For this purpose alone, it is suggestible that you simplify your daily and weekly routines and suppress them to fit minimal time-consumption slots. For instance, you can meal-prep in advance for an entire week on a non-showing day and avoid getting the kitchen messy all through the week. On the same day, you can also get your regular cleaning done in order to avoid inconvenience and awkward silences during buyer visits.


Decluttering is a process essential to time management and productivity. Cluttering is more like human tendency rather than it being something we do intentionally. Even when you remove all unnecessary items from your living space, unuseful clutter keeps coming back and piling up, which is precisely why you need to make decluttering a routine habit. Decluttering becomes inevitable once you put your house up for sale. Let’s say you’ve just listed your house for sale, winter is just ending, and you’ve got a lot of warm clothes out on display and in closets. Now that the weather’s getting warmer, you need to declutter and remove all the warm clothing and seasonal articles from visible space.

Prepare for Common Showing Times

Now that you’ve decided to move forward with your life and leave your present living space to shift to a new one, it is but essential for you to find a buyer at the earliest. You cannot be prepared 24*7 to boast about your house, but what you can do is consult your local realtor and confirm common showing times and days. Accordingly, you can keep your schedule free for those time slots.

Stay Prepared

By now, you’ve cleaned, decluttered, simplified your routine, and even emptied your schedule. Do you think this is enough? Of course not! There’s always room for surprise. Unannounced, unexpected visits are pretty common when it comes to realtors bringing in potential buyers. You must remain prepared for these surprises – keep some snacks in your car so you can run back home any time (but prepared), keep your cleaning tools handy so you can simply wipe through the entire house as per requirement.

All you have to do is follow these tips, organize yourself and your schedule, and keep hoping to soon meet the right buyer for your space!

Do not avoid these before selling a home

Dec 18 2018

Real estate truly is an arduous process, especially in India.

Both in terms of buying and selling a property, there are dimensions most people don’t know about.

If you are planning to sell a property, to get the best of your property you should keep check of certain aspects.

And, we would be mentioning each one of them in this article.

In your expensive generation, it is, you really should make most of your investment.

However, it is so peeving to get into the never ending facets there are.

One after the other, I tell you.

Do you want to make the most of your property?

Are you have trouble in getting your property sold at a price it is worthy of?

Are you having trouble understanding the market?

Do you want to know the means that can help you sell your property sooner and of its most price?

If your answer to the questions above is a yes, read on!

We have unraveled the mystery just for your benefit.

Here are 10 things you shouldn’t be avoiding before selling a home:

1. Check and Fix

First of all, check your house, list all the things that require fixing.

No need to get it all renovated, just small changes that will boost your first impression, making your place more desirable.

Hide those dirty patches on the walls!

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2. Clean and Clear

Declutter your home.

You are possibly having so much unnecessary stuff, consuming a lot of space at your place.

Even, for the purpose of easy shifting, this is important.

3. Groom the house

You can use neutral colors to give you house a whole new look.

And, arrange the furniture accordingly.

Add a pinch of creativity to your home-do. Decor matters a lot!

Make the best use of your space.

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4. Perfect Ventilation

To make sure that your house is not too humid or hot when the potential buyer arrives, you should assure ventilation.

For many buyers these days, this is cardinal, and amongst the top requirements.

5. What’s the foul smell?

There shouldn’t be any.

This is ignored by most potential sellers, but you shouldn’t.

For the matter of fact, no one wants to live in a house which smells like rotten chicken. Or, even worse, damped walls.

6. Curb Appeal Counts

Your exterior is basically the first impression. Make the best use of it.

Mow the grass.

Rearrange the pots of plants.

Make sure the floor isn’t having weird and disgusting marks.  

7. Know the purpose of each room

Make sure each room you show has a purpose.

Repurpose the ones which don’t by now.

The space you are showing to sell, every inch of it should impress the potential buyer.

The best way is, to tell him how well everything can be utilized.

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8. Light up

Isn’t everything prettier with lights?

Of course, fuse bulbs and tube lights won’t help you make the house look better.

The room where the sunshine hits, tell them how beautiful it is!

Use lively pictures, some fluorescent stars, sheets, and there is so much which can make your house look better, if not completely lightened up.  

9. Accessorize it right

Make sure there are lively pictures, not the ones where the camera pixels are stretching their way apart.

Not just lively pictures, but nature as well.

No, I won’t be asking you to plant a tree inside.

But get some plant pots, the small ones.

Place them right, and see how they grace your house.

10. Contact Spacio Realtors

Understand the market, what is just the right price, the best time to list your house, how to stage your house, and much more; contact Spacio Realtors.

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