5 Biggest Property Builders in India

Dec 24 2018

5 Biggest Property Builders in India

Indian real estate is on the upward ride with returning buyer interest and several corrective laws being established to pull India out of the property slump sulking since past few years.  

This has been made possible by the big guns of the real estate market – the top 5 real estate builders in India who have hogged the limelight.

There are big builders, then there are the biggest builders! This is about the real estate builders in India who have contributed the most to the Indian real estate market.

They have not only driven growth for the Indian property scene but also made sure that thousands of homes are made available to buyers across the country. With reach and power spanning across the country, we’re talking about the nation’s richest builders.

  • DLF

Delhi Land and Finance (DLF) Limited is country’s biggest real estate development company with presence in 24 major cities of India. Lead by Kushal Pal Singh, the richest real estate personality in India, who is evaluated at over 23,000 crores, the company is responsible for building posh localities in and around Delhi.

  • Unitech Real Estate

Known for developing luxury and elegant real estate ventures in India, Unitech is the second largest developer firm in India lead by Ramesh Chandra. Unitech was established in 1972 and knows the market fairly well for extraordinary developments.

The firm has about 95 projects currently running in India and has some of the biggest shares in stock market exchange.

  • Super Tech

Super Tech is another name that is known for developing all kinds of commercial, residential and office spaces across the country with prime focus on green realty.

The company has garnered a lot of growth over its 25 years of business in India as the forefront leader in Indian real estate. It’s primary influence has been in North part of India, especially Noida, where it has built its biggest project going by the name of Supernova.

  • Omaxe

Omaxe is one of the fastest growing real estate builder firms in India that has seen unapprehended growth over the past decade. The company dates back to 1987 and has its foothold in 30 major cities in India spanning over 9 states.

Lead by Rohtas Goel, the MD and chairman of Omaxe, the realty firm is known for developing malls and multiplexes. It has delivered about 90 projects in its business tenure with 20 active projects in India.

The company has more than 87.7 million square feet of real estate to its name which includes two major townships featuring next generation technology.

  • Oberoi Realty

Oberoi Realty is the fifth addition to our list with a net evaluation exceeding a thousand crore in the Indian real estate market. The firm is lead by Vikas Oberoi son of Ranvir Oberoi, the prior owner of Oberoi Realty. Vikas’s Harvard degree and a sound understanding of realty business has helped his venture grown tremendously over the years. His own wealth is reported to exceed 11,000 crores in the evaluation.


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