Dilemma faced by home renters in Goa

March 21, 2018

Goa is undoubtedly, one of the most heavily visited destinations across India when it comes to the holiday season. This fact alone affects the local houses that are available for rent for a short stay and long-term acquisition alike.

Good and rentable houses are short in number and there are too many people in the queue ready to settle for a higher price if possible. For a renter, this is no less than a nightmare. Many a time people let already booked houses for rent to someone who is ready to pay a better price.
So, how to get a good house in Goa for a long stay or just for a short visit? Here are some points that you can use!

Choose the Right Time

When going Goa, timing is crucial. The houses that are available for as low as 10,000 a month with all the amenities shoot up to 30,000 in the peak season. The inflow of tourists makes renting for the domestic population pretty difficult. Therefore, it is advisable that you touch down before the season has started and got hold of a good house before the hike takes place.

Duration of Stay

If you are going to stay long, say a year, then a house for rent in Goa will be available for a great price. This is because the owner is ensured of fixed rent for the whole year, they are ready to let the accommodation for a lower price. They’ll usually ask for 2-month rent in advance though.

If you’re going for 3 – 6 months, try contacting a real estate agent in Goa who can show you around for a good enough deal. If you want to find a house yourself, you can stay in a guesthouse for a week and look around for places in the meantime.

Anything from a week to a month shall be accommodated the best in a cottage or a hotel because they give you access to additional things at a better price.

Don’t go high on Amenities

It is advisable that you don’t go for a lot of amenities in-house because they can turn out to be expensive in the longer run. Getting things done such as takeaway meals, laundry etc will be cheaper.

Also, if you break something down or something like a washing machine goes awry during your stay, you’ll be liable for the repairs no matter what.

Use References to Advantage

If you have friends in Goa or have any references, it would be great to ask them out for help. The locals always know the right people to contact for getting a good Portuguese house for cheap. You can also contact a property dealer in Goa who is well established to get you the right price.

Thankfully, Spacio Realtors have a strong presence in Goa for all kinds of property deals and hence we can ease out your job for a great stay in Goa. Contact us today to send in an inquiry.

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