Realty News November 2018 Issue 2

Posted On December 7, 2018

November 2018 Vol 02 Affordable Housing on salt pan land? With nearly 300 hectares of salt pan land in the city now open for development of affordable housing, here’s assessing its chances at successfully meeting targets. As one of the world’s most densely populated cities, providing affordable housing to its citizens is among Mumbai’s topmost priorities. […]

How Co-working spaces are boosting realty?

Posted On November 29, 2018

India is intrinsically working on it’s entrepreneurs. Recently, India jumped 23 slots in the world ranking of  ease-of-doing-business, which is a clear consequence of the booming start-up culture that India is witnessing. While many of these offices are yet to own their own commercial real estate, they’re thriving off the latest trend in commercial sector […]

Realty News November 2018 Issue 1

Posted On November 21, 2018

November 2018 Vol 01 The curious case of the NRI With the Indian rupee having weakened against the USD, the entry price for the NRI property buyer is attractive. Due to a weaker rupee, NRIs can enter the market at a 10 percent discount compared to their domestic resident counterparts, thereby making it an attractive […]

6 Property Prerequisites Every New Home Buyer Should Know

Posted On November 16, 2018

Ready to buy a new home? After securing the amount and finalizing the apartment, there are a number of steps that are still left to be followed. Usually, we don’t talk about the aspects of buying real estate, that isn’t directly in our sight. Most real estate buyers, when they step out to buy an […]

Realty News October 2018 Issue 2

Posted On November 13, 2018

October 2018 Vol 02 Dharavi to be redeveloped as a whole with 80% Pvt stake After several failed attempts, the Dharavi Redevelopment Project is being revived yet again. However, the state government’s plan to divide the sprawling slum into 12 sub-clusters and redevelop it has been scrapped. The state cabinet approved a fresh plan: Dharavi will […]

Things you can’t afford to miss about before Renting your Property in India!

Posted On November 1, 2018

The property renting business in India is vast. According to the 2011 Census, about 27.5% of the Urban population lives in rented accommodations, which means nearly 1/3rd of the real estate in cities is engaged in the renting activities. Despite being such a large proportion, the property renting mechanism in Tier 2 and 3 cities […]

Realty News October 2018 Issue 1

Posted On October 26, 2018

October 2018 Vol 01 Developers offer AI, Home automation to lure new-age buyers Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are no longer buzzwords even for real estate developers as they increasingly deploy these as well as home automation to lure homebuyers. Developers are warming up to the idea of putting home automation products […]

Must Know Terms – IOD, CC and Society Forms for the Real Estate Business in Mumbai!

Posted On October 18, 2018

The real estate market in Mumbai is soaring these days with construction activity. Real estate developers are setting up their best housing and commercial projects in Mumbai due to the rising demand for various real estate occupations. Amidst all these, if you’re in the realty business, you might come across completely unheard terms from time […]

Financing Options for NRIs looking to invest in Real Estate In India

Posted On October 17, 2018

Settling back in the parent country in a lavish house in a posh locality is a dream sought by many NRIs. Some of them want to convert the properties in India into business, while others simply want to fund themselves to buy a classy home.    NRI investment in real estate of India brings about […]

The Fundamentals of Smart Real Estate Investment in India

Posted On October 10, 2018

India is a dynamic country and all it takes to learn the dynamics properly in order to get rich. The same philosophy applies to real estate in India. If you’re aiming at the investment market of India, you need to understand how it is done, what all things work here and a few basic concepts […]

Realty News September 2018 Issue 2

Posted On October 9, 2018

September 2018 Vol 02 The Homebuyer’s Toolkit As you usher in the festive season, home-buyers await the auspicious time to buy a home. This period is a significant sale season where developers gear up to make lucrative offers and incentives. Here’s a ready reckoner to help you. Be Prepared: If you are looking to invest, make […]

The Best Places in India for Real Estate Investment for NRIs

Posted On October 3, 2018

NRI real estate investment is gaining new momentum in India in the aftermath of economic reforms being made in the country. Non-Residentially Indians already represent a major stake in the market due to their heavy cash inflow in Indian real estate markets. A recent report stated that the real estate returns across 8 major cities […]

Falling Rupee Gives NRIs a Great Reason To Invest In India

Posted On September 27, 2018

Welcome to 2018 when the dollar vs rupee battle has taken a historic turn. The rupee has fallen way beyond its limit and as of today, the dollar rates have crossed 70 INR, which is a one of the lowest of all lows. Why this is happening is another story but someone’s loss is someone’s […]

Realty News September 2018 Issue 1

Posted On September 24, 2018

September 2018 Vol 01 Building nods: All agencies may hop aboard BMC online system The government may ask various planning authorities in the city to keep a common interface and use the BMC single-window system to accept and process all building construction applications. The aim is to expedite the approval process and check corruption. The […]

Important Legalities for NRIs inheriting Real Estate in India

Posted On September 19, 2018

If you’re an NRI selling property in India that was inherited by you from your ancestors, there are certain rules and regulations that you must know about while doing so. There are fundamental differences in the taxation for NRIs and you will find a lot of things uncommon from usual laws. Real Estate transactions involve […]

Ambitious solar power initiatives in Real Estate India!

Posted On September 12, 2018

Solar Power is rising at a breakneck pace in India with ambitious projects coming to light each day. India fulfills most of its energy requirements from coal but solar power is slowly making the move in the subcontinent. Only last year, India attracted 30% corporate funding in this segment. Japanese investors and other FDIs are […]

Tips for Investing in Commercial Real Estate, what all you should know?

Posted On September 5, 2018

Commercial real estate seems like a far fantasy to a lot of investors. Due to its volatile nature and heavy investment demands, the commercial sector is usually inhabited by the experienced lot only. But things aren’t so if you ask us. Anyone who knows the ground rules well can invest in commercial real estate equally […]

Realty News August 2018 Issue 2

Posted On September 3, 2018

August 2018 Vol 02 Stable rates and lucrative discounts attract property buyers The ‘wait and watch’ approach among residential property buyers is becoming less popular as the realty market has witnessed a slight rise in sales in the last few months. Industry experts attribute this increase to the stable property rates and numerous discounts that […]

What do Millenials want from their new House?

Posted On August 29, 2018

The Real Estate Market of India is quickly growing into the hands of Millenials, typically the generation born between the 1990 and 2000. This generation has exotic preferences when it comes to property decisions. Their influence is significantly high and we can’t look away from it. With 47% share of working population in India, Millennials […]

Features of Independent Indian Real Estate and where it is headed?

Posted On August 23, 2018

After the 71 years of independence we still find ourselves chained in various government policies. In spite the right to property being a legal right under Article 300A has not the total independence from authorities of law. Let’s analyse in this article, that how independent is the Indian Real Estate market. The government has made […]
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