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What do Millenials want from their new House?

The Real Estate Market of India is quickly growing into the hands of Millenials, typically the generation born between the 1990 and 2000. This generation has exotic preferences when it comes to property decisions. Their influence is significantly high and we can’t look away from it. With 47% share of working population in India, Millennials […]

How to make your home eco-friendly and beat the heat this summer!

The summer season has just begun and the heat is already relentless. This season, let’s something about it side by side making your home eco-friendly for the environment’s sake! Eco-friendly homes help homeowners to save on various aspects of their energy and monetary spendings in the house. They are optimized for minimum energy wastage and […]

Home renovation ideas that might end up decreasing your property’s value

Having lived in a home for 5-10 years does call for a change in its appearances and about the same time, most people consider a renovation for adding a new charm to the house. But be wary of what elements you wish to add to the house because at times, these elements may not be […]

4 Interesting Factors That May Affect Your Home’s Value

Our homes are one of the biggest assets that we amass during our lifetimes and many a time we don’t know what their exact value is. While this is an important figure to unravel, it is interesting to know the number of factors it depends upon. In India, there are lot of things that decide […]

About Sunteck’s 1.5 Billion Rupee Investment In Mumbai’s Properties

Sunteck Realty, the leading developer firm has had its eyes on Mumbai’s result driven real estate investments already before the start of 2018. The property giant is now ready to invest as much as 1500 crores in rental properties of Goregaon to acquire office and retail space measuring around 2.6 million sq. ft. With have […]

Why having a house in Juhu is a dream

We all dream of a home. In addition, we know at least one person who owns many. Well, to make this dream a reality, it requires savings of a lifetime and more years than we can count our fingers to purchase one or more. “Juhu” is one of the most sought-after, and dreamt about destinations […]
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