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Useful tips for property sellers.


5 Tips for Success In Ready-to-be-sold house you are still occupying!

Selling houses is a big task. It is easy to bring potential buyers to visit an empty house, but when you’re still living in the house, things can get a little awkward. This is why we decided to pen this article. Allow us to break down five tips that can help you sell your house […]

Not able to sell your property? Here’s what you can do!

The slow property market is affecting everyone alike. It might be the case that you have a property that you’re desperately waiting to sell but no one is coming forward for the same. But apart from the general real estate market condition, there might be a number of other factors that may be affecting the […]

Do not avoid these before selling a home

Real estate truly is an arduous process, especially in India. Both in terms of buying and selling a property, there are dimensions most people don’t know about. If you are planning to sell a property, to get the best of your property you should keep check of certain aspects. And, we would be mentioning each […]

Property Laws in Mumbai: What is Stamp Duty?

Laws that govern the ownership and tenancy of property in Mumbai, India includes Stamp Duty. What is stamp duty? Stamp Duty refers to charges in the form of taxes levied by Maharashtra State Government on enforceable documents. It is affixed on the face of the legal document. When is the stamp duty payable? It is […]

What is built up area and carpet area? Real Estate Terminology Part 1 [Area]

Yes, we understand that real estate terminology can be confusing, especially for first time home buyers. This article, the first in a six part series by Spacio Realtors explains the terms related to area of a property like built-up area, carpet area, etc. What is Carpet Area? This is the net usable floor area within […]

How can a buyer or seller find out the official value of property? What is Ready Reckoner Rate?

READY RECKONER RATE If you are buying or selling property in India, did you know there is an official way to find out its minimum value and ready reckoner rates are those government defined rates. There is a government defined rate known as Annual Schedule of Rates (ASR) which ensures that property sellers don’t cheat […]

Evolving role of real estate brokers as consultants and advisors

Online property listing portals have changed the way buyers perceive real estate brokers, agents and consultants. In the current scenario, broker or an agent is generally perceived as someone who is merely introducing both the parties to earn a brokerage. With this perspective in mind, the question of whether brokers are still relevant pops up […]

How to find a Good Real Estate Broker

Would you blindly trust a real estate broker who gets recommended by your friends or relatives? Property buyers, especially first timers, struggle to find an agent or a consultant not because there is a dearth of such professionals, but because it is difficult to trust anyone with your life’s savings. Irrespective of how you find […]
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