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Ambitious solar power initiatives in Real Estate India!

Solar Power is rising at a breakneck pace in India with ambitious projects coming to light each day. India fulfills most of its energy requirements from coal but solar power is slowly making the move in the subcontinent. Only last year, India attracted 30% corporate funding in this segment. Japanese investors and other FDIs are […]

Features of Independent Indian Real Estate and where it is headed?

After the 71 years of independence we still find ourselves chained in various government policies. In spite the right to property being a legal right under Article 300A has not the total independence from authorities of law. Let’s analyse in this article, that how independent is the Indian Real Estate market. The government has made […]

How has GST impacted the real Estate Market in India during the past one year?

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is designed to coalesce a hierarchy of centralized taxes into one universal tax system owing to discrepancies in net tax calculation in India. Several market commodities saw a revision in tax rates and real estate market has not been untouched. It’s been a year since GST was incepted and we […]

Realty News May 2018 Issue 2

May 2018 Vol 02 Homebuyers to be treated on a par with lenders The government on Wednesday moved to amend the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and treat homebuyers as financial creditors or on a par with banks, a move that will give them a say in the resolution process of ailing realty firms such as […]

Home Decor That is Both Aesthetic and Functional

The look, feel and value of your home is as much influenced by the exterior as by interior. If the interiors looks spacious and beautiful, you know that you’re living in a comfortable house, one that has a high property evaluation as well. Having said this, making your house easy to live while making it […]

Home renovation ideas that might end up decreasing your property’s value

Having lived in a home for 5-10 years does call for a change in its appearances and about the same time, most people consider a renovation for adding a new charm to the house. But be wary of what elements you wish to add to the house because at times, these elements may not be […]

A quick guide for NRI Investors

  Should NRIs invest in property in India? Absolutely, yes. NRI investments in India have seen a sharp upward trend due to the relaxations provided by the government in order to attract more foreign investments. Indian property landscape is proliferating slowly into a mega-market that comes with the promise of hefty profits for all those […]

There can not be a better time to get an Office space in Navi Mumbai, Here’s why

Navi Mumbai, which was planned to help Mumbai tackle it’s growing corporate congestion has some practical benefits for commercial real estate seekers. We are talking about the Office spaces available in Navi Mumbai. There are a number of reasons why setting up an office or simply renting one can be a whole lot easier and […]

Top Mumbai city projects worth investing your money

Mumbai has a lot on offer for the people who come here to realize their dreams. The same fact invites hundreds and thousands of dreamers to this grand city in search of that one thing that will change their lives forever. For many, it is the film industry, for others, it is their dream job, […]

Most preferable localities for renting an apartment in Mumbai

Mumbai offers a wide variety of residential properties ranging from lavish villas to modest apartments, available for the buyer of every kind. Renting an apartment is sought as one of the most convenient options for the general public and in this blog, we’ll talk about the various locations, projects, and premises in Mumbai that can […]
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