The look, feel and value of your home is as much influenced by the exterior as by interior. If the interiors looks spacious and beautiful, you know that you’re living in a comfortable house, one that has a high property evaluation as well.

Having said this, making your house easy to live while making it beautiful to look is a whole different thing. Most people heavily invest on modern-day fittings and lose out on over-all comfort of the house. But you can stop this from happening with you.

It’s easy to make your house functional and aesthetic at the same time using some well planned decor. Being expert property advisors, we keep seeing new houses every other day and we know what decor offers better usability than others. So, here are some valuable tips for doing the same.

Declutter the house

To begin with, you must remove all the unrequired decor items from the house that are taking up space for no benefit at all. Remove any vases, sculptures, wall hangers or earthenware pots that you can live without, easily. The more spacious the house gets, the more freely you can move around without bumping into the decorations. You can sell the clutter at any of the C2C websites and make some extra cash for new decor.

Add more Tables

Adding a few more tables in each room that can act as extra sitting and shelving are a great idea. You can accommodate more items of convenience such as lamps, electronics, books, and any other houseware that you may use. You can go for multipurpose tables that resolve three things in one go, to increase their usability as well. A lot of modern looking designs are available in the market that can level up your home decor game.

home-decorReplace Your House Lighting

If you haven’t made energy-saving efforts so far, it’s about time you do. The newer technology that saves electricity bills and illuminates more than ordinary lighting is the new trend in the market. These lights help you make your house much more beautiful and provide extra features such as remote control and smart home assistance.


Introduce Folding Cabinets

You can empty a lot of space by introducing folding cabinets in the empty corners of your house. If you see a nook that is unoccupied while you have storage cupboards overflowing with belongings, you can get a folding cabinet that would squeeze into the empty nook and provide you the storage of two almirahs easily. These cabinets are available on all leading furniture merchant stores and can be custom crafted as well.

If you have a study table in your bedroom, you can let go of it and save space by using a folding cabinet that wraps up when not in use.



These smart home decor ideas can help you increase the luxury quotient of your house while keeping it spacious to live in. These options may cost a bit at once but they’re long term investments that would pay off when you decide to stage your house and in routine for added functionalities.

Contact Spacio for more such interesting property tips and guides. We help you with every real estate concern. Reach out to us at our official website.  


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