Home renovation ideas that might end up decreasing your property’s value

March 29, 2018

Having lived in a home for 5-10 years does call for a change in its appearances and about the same time, most people consider a renovation for adding a new charm to the house.

But be wary of what elements you wish to add to the house because at times, these elements may not be as openly welcomed by buyers if you plan to sell it any time soon.

In fact, certain things are best if they are avoided from being inculcated in your house due to the negative evaluation impact they bring along. We will mention a few things that skip your home renovation list in order to save the home’s value from dropping.

  • Extensive Personal Touches

Homes that have too many personal touches often become poor selling options. Simply because it will be hard for the buyer to make sense with these things and they might contrast with their own personal preferences. Hence, it is advisable that if you’re getting the home a makeover, try to improvise in a generally acceptable manner rather than make the house describe your own story. 

  • Non-Subtle interior colors

The home’s interiors are the best artistic playing grounds for many people where they like to get creative with vibrant colors. This may become a problem for the buyer because they would have to repaint the interiors and incur more costs than they are already paying. Therefore, it’s best to settle for subtle coloring schemes that elevate the home’s aesthetics in a modest way.

  • Wall Paintings

Just like overly creative colors, some people like to paint their walls with their art role models. It could be a beautiful way to express your love for the art but again, it adds an personal element to the house that the buyer may or may not be comfortable with. So, something like this must be avoided. Hanging paintings are totally cool in such regards.

  • Electronic Cabinets

Being tech savvy is a great quality until it is reflected via elaborate and unmovable installments in your house. Home theatre systems and TV trolleys have become an essential part of each house’s living area but there’s no need to add more to it. You’ll have to take it with you when you handover the house, so you can save some money by crossing off electronic cabinets from your renovation list.

  • Self done patchwork

DIY enthusiasts and home bread artists often try to take the highly skill demanding task of home renovation and end up doing uncompetitive patchwork. This will be a major put off for any home buyer if they see disfigured paint work or unprofessional home improvement done in the house. Which is why you should leave the task of renovation best to the professionals in the field.

Your home is your life’s investment and for no reason you should decrease its value for the coming years. While renovation is a great idea, avoiding the above mentioned things during renovation can help you gain the right amount for your property without sacrificing any of its value.

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