How to make your home eco-friendly and beat the heat this summer!

May 2, 2018

The summer season has just begun and the heat is already relentless. This season, let’s something about it side by side making your home eco-friendly for the environment’s sake!

Eco-friendly homes help homeowners to save on various aspects of their energy and monetary spendings in the house. They are optimized for minimum energy wastage and run on natural resources.

The idea is very old but it still hasn’t made its way to a significant number homes in India. Being a property advisor company, we survey a large number of homes throughout the year and we hardly find a home that’s eco-friendly. So, here are a few tips how you can make your home a better place to live this summer and save on tormenting bills!

Go Solar

At the time when they were introduced, Solar Panels were so costly that it sounded like a big investment to get some installed at your house. But over the years, the price has fallen to below five thousand bucks for decent pair of solar panels that will generate enough electricity during the day that you can stay off grid during the night.

These can be easily bought online and are easy to install on the roof of your house. Try this out this summer! Estimated savings are 10 to 30% on your annual electricity bills, which is at least 5 times their actual cost!

Get a Green Roof

This subtle yet unique idea is all that you need to keep your house cool during the day. The green roof concept involves laying down a layer of soil on your house’s roof and grow some plants in it.

The idea requires a little bit of workout for a day but ensures long cool summers. You will need a layer of pond liner to insulate your roof, over which you can add several layers of gravel and soil. Once the layers are thick enough, you can plant some semi-grown herbs directly into it and water them regularly.

Once done, the plants will suck up all the heat from the roof and keep the innards of the house cool.

Improve Insulation

There’s no debate on the fact that air conditioning bills are going to go through the green roof when the peak season hits, so what will you do then?

You can cut down on AC-ing needs by improving the insulation of individual rooms of your house or the complete house itself. This can be done by blocking off every little corner that leaks air from your house and adding automatic door closers to all your house doors.

This will increase the cool-duration of your AC-ed rooms and demand for lesser AC-ing needs.

Get a Top Exhaust Fan

The inner atmosphere of the house can heat up if the air is not circulating at all. For this you can get a top exhaust fan which is fitted in a vent in your ceiling. This exhaust fan keeps on drawing out hot air from the house and allows cool air to flow inside the house.

This ventilation action actually makes the house breezy and you will feel less heat than in general. All you need is a regular exhaust fan fitted in one of the wide vents in the house. Smaller vents won’t be effective.  

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