Is Mumbai Real Estate still worthy of your investment

January 12, 2018

The question is haunting a lot of investors right now who are aiming at the attractive opportunities in Mumbai but are unsure of the results. Well, Mumbai is for sure a great place to invest right now but there are ways in which the investments must be made in order to assure their success.

If we look at the market, there is a bright chance of ending up big in Mumbai right now. But how? The following reasons will explain.

Surge of Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai, which was planned to help Mumbai tackle it’s growing corporate congestion has some practical benefits for commercial real estate seekers. We are talking about the Office spaces available in Navi Mumbai. There are a number of reasons why setting up an office or simply renting one can be a whole lot easier and cost effective in Navi Mumbai. For now, the growth pattern of this ambitious project suggests some good news for commercial properties.

Upcoming Projects

If you see your office space in the light of property investment scenario, there is a lot that you can capitalize on. The upcoming trans-harbor link will render Navi Mumbai with a whole new real estate value, making it stand out as a selling prospect alongside business operation benefits. MD at Cushman and Wakefield quotes “Navi Mumbai has been seeing steady activity in the commercial office space, with the Information Technology and Business Process Management sectors driving that growth story. Tax incentives have attracted investments from developers too, further driving interest from MNCs and domestic occupiers.”

Big Ongoing Investments

World’s biggest investor, Blackstone, after staying away from India’s property scenario has now finally showed some interest in it and has made promising investments weighing as much as $600 million. Future plans of Blackstone signify setting up of a local REIT listing, as this report by Times of India states.

Next comes Brookfield Asset Management, who have allegedly invested a hefty amount of $1 billion in Mumbai’s real estate. Both of these headlines point to the fact that Mumbai is receiving serious consideration from all over the world and the growth of property rates will be inevitable, telling us that NRI investment in real estate would be worthwhile in the coming few years.

Scenario after GST

The implementation of GST in most parts of the country has resulted in huge outcry due to its complicated system of operation but in Maharashtra, it is supposed to bring an air of freshness for investors. GST will enable easy and profitable sale of properties in Mumbai that fall under the status of  “completed projects”. For the projects that are still under development will benefit from the tax relaxations on the raw materials levied by GST. This is good news for NRIs as well as domestic investors.

NRI Investment

The financial capital of the country is one of the prime spots for investment right now. Especially, the developing areas that promise relatively easy acquisition than other parts of Mumbai. Furthermore, the establishment of technology parks and rising corporate sector has boosted real estate business for NRIs seeking to invest here.

Make sure that…

Most real estate gurus suggest that the property must be held for at least 3 years before letting out in order to gain the maximum profit out of it. This has some reasons behind it. First of all, selling the property after 3 years doesn’t levy income tax on the profit and you can keep the sum without caring about the legal procedures. This will also hold true if you belong to the lowest tax bracket which lies around less than 2.5 lakh per annum.

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