Case 4

Jan 03 2019

The Complainants have alleged that the Respondents have willfully delayed the completion of the project. Further, they were vary of the possibility of changes that could be made in the sanctioned plans and layout with the intention of maximizing profits. The Respondents should commit to a reasonable time line.

In an order date 2nd April, the Authority has already held that reasonable time period which can be allowed can only be established after mitigating circumstances get over and project work commences. At present, there is a stop-work Notice by BMC , pendency of Receipt of the Environmental Clearance Order .Thus , the date of possession cannot be determined atthis stage.

In view of the above circumstances, the Respondent is again directed to make serious efforts to expedite the process of obtaining required sanctions and to complete the construction in a time bound manner.The Respondent shall also not unilaterally execute any cancellations in the said project , with respect to the Complainants of the present complaint.

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