Moving to Mumbai? 5 Tips to select the right location to rent a house in Mumbai

September 7, 2016

When moving to Mumbai, the most important decision is to identify the location of your new rented accommodation, irrespective of whether you are moving with or without your family. Many professionals locating to Mumbai without family assume that they can crash land and survive anywhere in this city. But the equation is not so simple especially when it comes to settling in the Maximum City.

Before you start finding and shortlisting apartments on rent, here are some do’s and dont’s which we hope helps you in making the right decision while selecting the location.

Conveniently Commutable Distance From Rented Apartment To Work

Where is your work location? Is it in South Mumbai, Western Suburbs, and Central Mumbai? You can find flats on rent in Mumbai anywhere and everywhere, but consider daily commuting that will become a part of your life as a Mumbaikar from the day you join your office. Choose a location which is closer to work so that you can save your energy and travel time. If rates are higher than your allocated budget for rented property, then you can consider settling down in the surrounding areas. For example, if your office is in BKC, you could find accommodation in Bandra East, Tilak Nagar, Kalina,etc.

Easy Access To School or College

While you would travel to work, if you are moving to Mumbai with your family, then your kids would travel to school or college. There could be a trade-off between the proximity of your rented premises to your office vis-a-vis how close you want your home to be to the college or school that your kids would be attending in Mumbai. But the point is same- travel time.

Picking The Right Neighborhood For Your Rented Accommodation

Find out how safe is the neighborhood for you and your family. In Mumbai, within the same area, you will notice that sometimes even within the same locality or area, the world changes between two lanes. So it is advisable that you personally go with your real estate agent and take a quick scan of the immediate neighborhood yourself. Other than safety, check the facilities and infrastructure available in that area including but not limited to healthcare, shopping, restaurants, entertainment, etc.

Finding The Right Rented Place At The Right Rate

It goes without saying that do your due diligence in identifying the running rental rates in and around the residential areas which you shortlist. Hire a trusted real estate consultant who would educate you about the city. Alternatively, you may also check the reckoner rate for those areas. Reckoner rate is an official rate varying with areas, properties,etc and it serves as a good benchmark for property buyers and sellers.

Good Connectivity With The Rest Of The City

This point overlaps with first three points- proximity to work, education centre, entertainment, medical facilities and shopping centers to say the least. But since we are talking about Mumbai where travel time is not calculated merely by distance but also by judging the state of traffic and time of the day, so we think connectivity deserves a special mention here. Local trains are the lifeline of Mumbai, but at the same time it is not everyone’s cup of tea and especially not so easily acceptable by outsiders moving to Mumbai. Unlike Delhi, Mumbai goes straight, so does the road connecting one end to the other along the coast. Roads are not very wide as one would expect from a flourishing metro, hence frequent traffic jams. So connectivity is an important aspect which you must evaluate before you sign the rental agreement with your new landlord!


People moving to Mumbai must consider short listing the location even before looking at properties on rent. Take help from your property broker to understand the city and at the same time explain him the types of residential areas you would prefer. That along with the proximity to work and other facilities must be considered well before even you start meeting prospective landlords.

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