If you’re thinking of a residential property then you must have already begun your research. But information can only take you to a certain extent, after that what you need is in-depth knowledge, and that’s where we come in. At Spacio you’ll find experts that have spent years in the field of property who can assist you to make the right decision. Find out all you need to know about property only at Spacio.


Buying residential property needs more than just information, it takes knowledge and expertise – the foundation that Spacio is built upon.


At Spacio, we’ll make sure that your property goes into the right hands and that too at the right price.


Find / Rent out residential properties that match not just your budget but even your expectations with Spacio.

If you’re thinking to rent residential space, it’s got to be through Spacio

Finding a home on rent in Mumbai can be a tiresome process. To find a property on rent, just submit the required details in the form on this page. Please expect a call from one of our experts to address your query within 24 hours.

Why rent a house/ apartment/ flat in Mumbai through Spacio?

  • We are Mumbai property Specialist.
  • Our knowledge of local market is backed by 30 years of cumulative professional experience.
  • We ensure you get the best place that’s in your budget and above your expectations.
  • Due diligence and background check for all properties in our inventory.
  • From facilitating meetings and negotiations between parties to assisting in the formation of leave and license agreements,we’ll get the best out of the every deal for you.

Other Residential Services:

Buy-Sell-Rent, if you’re thinking residential or commercial space, it’s got to be Spacio Realtors

Renting out a residential or commercial property can be a tiresome process. From finding a tenant to background check and police verification, all of which may take up a lot of your money and more importantly, time. That’s why at Spacio we have a dedicated team that’s equipped in finding the right tenants and letting out your property at the right price so you get the most out of the transaction.

To lease your space

To get more information just submit the required details in the form. We understand that everyone has unique needs and requirements, that’s why we have optimized our systems to understand precisely what you have in mind. After you fill the form, please expect a call from one of our experts to address your query in 24 hours.


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