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If you are buying or selling property in India, did you know there is an official way to find out its minimum value and ready reckoner rates are those government defined rates.

There is a government defined rate known as Annual Schedule of Rates (ASR) which ensures that property sellers don’t cheat buyers by charging an unreasonable price. In fact, ASR (also called as ready reckoner rate or RRR in Maharashtra, circle rate in Delhi) published by government also becomes the floor price and is also used in the calculation of stamp duty. So higher the reckoner rate, the property rate and applicable taxes also goes up, directly affecting the affordability of homes in India.

Who Decides Reckoner Rate/ ASR ?

Ready Reckoner Rates are determined by Stamps and Registration Department of the state of Maharashtra to help individuals to find the official rates of properties in a particular area and is based on various market parameters. These property rates are reviewed time to time and the govt. tries to keep them close to the prevailing market rate.

Why is market value of properties different from RRR?

ASR only provides the benchmark rates in real estate market. But actual rates vary from property to property depending on lot of parameters like builder’s reputation, quality, location characteristics, etc. 

When market rate is lower than RRR,

Property buyer and seller can be questioned by the authorities for details. ASR or ready reckoner rate becomes the floor price and neither property owners or builders sell below this price nor do buyers pay less. And if a property is sold below this reference rate, then as per Income Tax Act of India the difference between the selling and ready reckoner price is considered a black money transaction.

Mr. Kumar wants to buy a residential property in Mumbai at Rs 2 crore from a developer but the ready reckoner price comes to Rs 2.5 crore. The difference of Rs 50 lakh will be added to the income of the buyer and the developer’s business income. 

When market rate is higher than RRR,

Authorities may not question the buyer or seller, but the stamp duty of the property gets increased. Stamp duty is levied on the ready reckoner rate or the agreement price, whichever is higher.

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Ready Reckoner Rates provides the market index for properties in different areas or cities and helps individuals to find the official rates of properties in a particular area. This rate not only affect the buyer and seller but also the property owner. Municipal corporations calculate property tax on the basis of the rates published by the government. If these go up, consequently your property tax will also rise when a local body revises taxes.

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