Whenever it comes to investments, it’s always good to have a healthy amount of doubt before handing out your precious money to a commodity.

The same reason that almost everyone who wishes to make it big, gets stuck in the two best options that the Indian market provides; stocks and real estate.

Which one is better? It’s a tough question to answer. Investing in property is worth a lot of value for a long time whereas stocks are convenient for just anyone who wants to make a short lived investment. The return on investment is not fixed in any of the two, you have to make your stars shine yourself, so what would you prefer.

Let’s see the individual benefits offered by both the options

Real Estate Investments

Investing Real Estate such as buying an apartment, a house or a piece of land gives you a tangible asset that can be used in a multiple ways. You can rent it out for passive income or you can use it for your own residential activities.


It is also the kind of investment that will help you generate more value than you have invested, because even if the property rates rise slowly, they are sure to rise. You can be free of doubt of loss.

If you plan to make the investment for a long period of time, the gains multiply themselves to twice and thrice the value you initially invested, offering you an unmatchable source of ROI.

A real estate asset such as a home is not only an investment, it’s a security for the future, a way to sustain life and even carry out business from the comfort of home.

Stock Investment

Stocks provide investors of all classes and levels to try their luck with a commodity that has great potential. Stock investment can be as low as 100 rupees and as high as 10,000,000,000 rupees, the flexibility in investment is a great feature.

Stocks require minimum to no maintenance, you needn’t worry about taking care of your stocks, once you have bought them. You only have to predict the best time to sell them. This gives you enough time to engage in other activities.


As an investor, stocks are the only option that allow youngsters to try their hand in the game and build a career in it. Infact starting early is considered the best practice in the stock market.


We believe investing in property is still the better option as it offers way more benefits than stock investment. The only problem is that of scope; you need large amounts of money in order to make worthwhile investments in real estate, whereas, there’s no such bar in stocks.

But with the help of smart financing, valuable real estate investment advice, and a vision to become big, you can make a fortune in real estate. Stocks in that regard are too volatile for sustaining long term investments and leave you in the risk of failure virtually always.

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