Why are apartments better than homes?

Dec 18 2018

Let’s face facts.

We all have had a dream of buying our own bungalow, may be a mansion with an ocean view, a huge place where the children could play, or you could barbecue, or cherish the morning bliss.

I am sure everyone does, and so do you.

But, if not all what you want, life offers something better for you.

For more reasons, then you can count living in an apartment is way better than having your own home.

And, in this blog, we will share a few of the many there are.

Let’s begin.

Yes, I forgot to mention, you can prioritize your requirements in accordance with the pointers we will be giving.

Now, read on.

Here are the promised major reasons of why you should be investing in apartments than a house; or, you can say, reasons why apartments are better than houses:

1. Safety:

I am sure you don’t want hooligans to loot your place when you are not around.

In most apartments, there is a provision of a security guard and even the apartments are having reliable security systems.

If you get the same amenities for a personal house, they will cost you a fortune, plus it isn’t easy even then.

2. Spacious:

A two BHK apartment is more spacious than a home in the same space.

Think for yourself, amongst the same sized apartment and home, which one is more comfortable to carve a living?

3. Lesser responsibility:

For someone like me, someone, who loves to have a vacation twice a year leaving the house empty. It is the best option to rather own an apartment.

You can leave off for days, and it will await your presence just as you left it.

Even in terms of taking care of the space provided outside, you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness.

4. Easy redesigning:

For the matter of fact, apartments are way easier to design and customize in accordance with your requirements.

Plus, economical, as well! Ask an interior designer if you doubt our words.

It is so much easier to update the place and give it a brand new look.

5. Cheaper:

If you look for a home anywhere in India, it is always a cheaper option to rather opt for an apartment.

Moreover, most apartments are in places which have great accessibility for everything you need.

Houses are normally lacking this factor these days!

In almost every great place, your office, your child’s school, or your favorite market is present, there is an apartment which can be yours at a much lesser price than a house would be.

6. Space is best used:

With no staircase leading to an even smaller room upstairs, and a well-designed infrastructure, you have the option to have all the space to your use.

Trust me, with every update you make, you will have a better arrangement, and it will feel bigger.

7. Less maintenance:

Love repairing the roof for leakage?

Or, wondering about the damping wall?

Are you in love with the idea of mowing the grass of your garden?

I guess, no!

With an apartment, you wouldn’t even have to worry about these.

Set yourself free of these issues, with the pace of life cities have, you really should.

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