Why having a house in Juhu is a dream

Dec 20 2018

We all dream of a home. In addition, we know at least one person who owns many. Well, to make this dream a reality, it requires savings of a lifetime and more years than we can count our fingers to purchase one or more. “Juhu” is one of the most sought-after, and dreamt about destinations to build a home. Why? You ask me. Spacio got your answers!

In the article, we will not only tell you, what makes Juhu a premier suburb of the city, but also the fact that why the prices there are at their highest?

With the spiking high demand rate for houses in Juhu, the place is fraught with endless opportunities as well.

1. Proximity to leading educational institutes.

From top public and private schools and colleges to best of teaching/coaching  institutes, Juhu  has it all. If you have lived or are living in Mumbai, you are very well aware of the fact that you would not want to be stuck in the road traffic. For that matter, locals strongly recommend getting a home nearby. There are both private and public sector institutions in there is an excellent atmosphere for students to study and get relevant exposure.

2. The Beach Beauty.

Home of the Infamous Juhu Beach, the place becomes a beauty. For decades now, Juhu beach has attracted countless people to walk on the sides every day. If you are a fan of Beach walks and would love your evenings gazing at the mesmerizing sunset of the beach, you better be booking aplace in Juhu. The entire Juhu borders the Great Indian Ocean, and who haven’t seen the incredible Shivaji sculpture.

3. Hub for all your needs.

Besides exceptional educational institutes, the place is inhibiting best of the hospitals, parks, and religious places. Irrespective of the religion you follow, you can find a magnificent monument in Juhu. Now, this is not all, the public parks are very thoughtfully built. For thosewho love greenery, and wish to be living close to the best of parks, you need to consider Juhu. If you are looking for the place with best entertainment options, there is no other better than Juhu.

The Bottom Line

For those who are looking for a property  in Mumbai  and are thrilled by the idea of getting one in Juhu, feel free to knock our doors to check your options. Spacio Realtors have been bringing value to hundreds of home seekers for more than a decade now. Considering never hurts anyone, so better check the options you have at the dream destination.

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