What is bringing NRIs to invest in Indian Commercial Properties?

July 25, 2018

If you closely watch NRI investment trends, the top commodities they’re playing at are foreign exchange and real estate. The latter specifically has seen enough ups and downs in past few years, but NRI attention to it has been unadulterated.

What has been surprising is that NRIs are routing for the commercial real estate sector. This wasn’t the trend two years back when most of the NRI investment flew in for residential and rental properties. Due to poor performance of the two sectors, the viability in the same has somewhat decreased. Also, the gains to be made out of commercial properties are far more lucrative to miss out.

Best Performing Categories

The commercial real estate has a number of categories according to which it is evaluated for investment. We have mentioned the best performing of the all below.

Co-Working Spaces

India’s is a large incubator of ideas and startup businesses that play on low spending and high output. This calls for the need of cheaper office spaces to be made available to them. Co-working spaces have recognized the need and delivered a solution that helps startups fulfill all their office environment needs at one place, may it be amenities or infrastructure.

Premium Offices

Premium offices are currently the backbone of most commercial builder projects. The presence of multinationals in India and the constant need to glorify brand outlook, has brought about the trend of premium office spaces. They’re well lit as well well furnished with an impactful persona about them.

IT Hubs

Information Technology hubs serve as the conglomerate of IT companies and jobs, that promote the culture altogether. These parks offer world class infrastructure to IT companies looking to make their base in India for production while offering profitable return on investment.

Factors that Favor NRI Commercial Estate Investment

NRIs bring in foreign wealth into the country, which makes them liable to some benefits for the same. Below are some policy benefits they enjoy.

Being an NRI doesn’t put you in a situation wherein managing capital for investment and carrying out investments becomes difficult. They enjoy the same rights and privileges as Indian citizens.

The NRI bank accounts offer them attractive benefits such as higher credit limits, money moving schemes and an overall relaxation on taxes while spending in India. The same fact applies to loans as well, the loan products offered to NRIs are differently schemed to suit their specifics.

Precautions for NRI Investment

NRIs are often veiled about the exact nature of investment deals due to physical barriers. This can result in inappropriate investments and legal consequences. The following lists provides some ways to avoid this.

Work With a ISO Registered Realtor

NRIs should only work with realtors who are worthy enough to be trusted all along. This can be ensured by the ISO seal as it is something that is only given to trustable businesses.

Check Property Papers Manually

A little check on the property papers for their integrity, authenticity and accuracy of particulars is also important. You can do it yourself if you deem fit or hire a professional lawyer for the same.

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