Why is it best for NRIs to invest in Real Estate?

August 10, 2017

If you are a Non-Resident Indian, you must have thought about investing in real estate of your country, I am sure.

However, the reluctance arises due to misconceptions and the problematic procedure there is.

In our previous blog, we tried to clear the concept of NRI investments in India, and here in this piece, we would focus on all the reasons for Non-Resident Indians to invest in their country.

Even if there is no future plan to return, I bet, you wouldn’t find a better place to get more Return on investment than this.

So, here we go:

 1. Demonetization:

With the honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi’s Demonetization act, a lot changed.

There is both Good and bad side of this.

Prior to the reform, there was a lot of black marketing in this zone, due to most cash transactions, which reduced significantly.

Nevertheless,  even the demand decreased.

When there is lesser demand, and freer space, the scope of negotiations increases.

On the top of which, Indian Rupee value decreased in international standards.

For Foreign investors, this is a boon!

Because if you have any doubt about it rising in the coming future, you are have probably been living in the Plato’s Cave.

For the matter of fact, India is among the fastest growing economies of the world.

2. The latest FDI benefits:

With the announcement of various projects including Make In India, which has made some great laws in Foreign Direct Investments, real estate has attracted some huge investors.

For the simple reason, that it is one place that will never go down.

Even after Demonetization, which leads to falling prices in almost every state of India, prices in Metropolitans like Mumbai are still high!

You can well imagine yourself, how much Return of Investment the future has.

RERA came for the benefit of the buyers, introducing both security and transparency.

Now, both the builders and the real estate agents have to be a little more conscious of making promises than ever.

RERA doesn’t make it easy for the buyers to buy a property but prevents their investment for the best. We have covered all the aspects of RERA in our previous blogs for your reference.

3. Definite huge ROI:

Be it residential properties, or a commercial one, there are assured benefits, only if you make an intelligent investment.

You keep yourself invested for some time, and you will be overwhelmed that you did. It is not just the matter of gaining profits, but having a property investment can back you at any time.

For the time being, you can place the property for rent, and it will act as a constant income.

Haven’t you heard, the only way you can earn lakhs sleeping at your home is when your home makes money.

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4. Tax Privileges:

Because of the Double Tax Avoidance Agreement, India has with many countries, taxes are made easy.

An NRI investor will only have to pay taxes on what the house earns for him/her, and nothing else.  

RBI has no as such different law for NRIs, and they don’t need any sort of special approval from the former in case of purchasing an immovable property.

However, an approval is required if the property is an agricultural, plantation, or farm land.

5. Growing Number of start-up:

With the growing number of Start-ups in Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi, et al, there is an increase in the demand for both residential and commercial properties.

With the boosting economy and giant market, as India owns this is not going down any soon.

The increase in employment opportunities, development of industrial areas, more people shifting their interest in entrepreneurship, and many other reasons have caused the influx of people to increase in certain areas.

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